What you see to your right are Beer and Bacon Mancakes, which are pancakes infused with beer, bacon, and brown sugar. And you know they’re delicious because the recipe comes from Betty Crocker(h/t That’s Nerdalicious). Interestingly enough, the recipe recommends “your favorite regular or nonalcoholic beer.” But I’m thinking these bad boys are going to taste fairly different if you use, for example, Guinness, as opposed to Bud Light Lime. Then again, these are called mancakes — so maybe we’re just assuming here that “beers” like Bud Light Lime are out of the question.

On an entirely different note, Sylvia D. Lucas penned an ode to the male physique — which Beer and Bacon Mancakes will not help to improve, by the way — for The Good Men Project (h/t Andrew Sullivan) on Thursday. Excerpt:

We love your strong, solid thighs and calves. Your penises in their wide variety of shapes and sizes (and sometimes, angles), which, by the way, are just as enjoyable to look at when they’re soft as when they’re not. (Penises are no weirder for dangling there than breasts are for hanging where they do–all of these parts are exactly where they belong, and we very much like where the penis belongs, both aesthetically and on a more utilitarian level). You have broad shoulders. Wide chests. That V shape as the back narrows to the waist.

And speaking of the shirtless male physique, here’s a little something for your NFL Playoffs Sunday. Tim Tebow might be besties with Jesus, but when he takes his shirt off he reveals that he’s really Adonis:

If you’re sitting at your computer wondering, “What the hell is Rule 5 Sunday?”, check out this post from The Other McCain.