I was sent a link to the above video by someone on Twitter, who asked me to take it viral. I hope that it will go viral because it provides a definitive answer to the question: “Who could have known beforehand that things would turn out this way?” Ron Paul knew and he warned his fellow members of Congress in 2002. He predicted virtually every crisis and problem we have faced over the past decade. He knew and everybody in Washington should have known too, because he warned them. So the question isn’t: Who could have known? The question is: If they knew — and clearly they did — why did they do it anyway?

This video also speaks to the difference between Ron Paul and the other GOP candidates. While other Republicans — including most of the other Republican candidates — were cheerleading for George W. Bush’s policies, Congressman Paul was speaking out against them and warning where they would take us. Those policies have taken us exactly where he said they would take us and now he is the only Republican with the credibility to convince voters that he can change our course.

President Obama, meanwhile, campaigned on promises of hope and change but has delivered not only more pain to everyday Americans and reinforcement of the status quo, but a worsening of our circumstances and a radical expansion of government’s power. It’s time for Americans to see the truth. Obama didn’t just mislead us on the campaign trail or make promises that he later found, through no fault of his own, that he couldn’t keep. He lied to us. He never intended to keep those promises and he has never tried to keep them. Ron Paul, by contrast, has been honest with us. He is the candidate in this election who offers real hope for our future and real change we can believe in. He is the candidate who knows what we have to do to get there and will actually do it.

These are our choices. We can choose candidates who claim to be concerned about what Obama’s doing now but were positively giddy when George W. Bush was doing the same things. We can choose President Obama, who lied to our faces and has done everything as president that he promised when he was campaigning that he would undo. Or we can choose Ron Paul, who told us exactly what would happen to our country in 2002 if we followed Bush’s policies, who was absolutely right about all of it, and who not only knows how to but would actually do everything in his power to change our course. To me, the choice is clear.

Please help me make this video go viral. Take a few minutes out of your day to share it with friends on social networking sites, on forums, in the comments to other blogs, or on your own blog if you have one. Every American needs to know: Ron Paul is different. He knew what was coming and he knows how to fix it.