The deliciousness you see to your right is Beer Cheese Soup, a concoction created by Nick at You can find the recipe at, along with Nick’s recipes for Deep Fried Chocolate Cheese Fudge (guaranteed to kill you before halftime) and a Slow Cooker Reuben Dip. As you can imagine from the name of the latter website, all of these recipes are cheese intensive.

Speaking of beer, why can jocks drink quantities of it that would leave us nerd-inclined folk staggering to the nearest bathroom to cuddle up with the toilet seat? It’s because they’re so jacked and tan, yo (h/t Andrew Sullivan):

A lean, muscular person will be less affected by drink than someone with more body fat: Water-rich muscle tissues absorb alcohol effectively, preventing it from reaching the brain.

Shifting gears: If beer and cheese heavy recipes aren’t really your thing, try some unicorn poop… cookies.

Qualcomm is willing to shell out ten million dollars to anyone who can create a working tricorder. I’ll have to get on that. Read all about it at Nerd Bastards.

I’ve written quite a bit about guns and gun rights this week. Here’s a story from The Smoking Gun which proves that concealed carry really can be taken too far:

A man arrested this week in North Carolina may have stashed a .38 barrel revolver in his rectum, according to police, who reported that the unloaded 10-inch weapon was not discovered until after the suspect had been booked into a cell in the county jail.

So far this week, we’ve discovered that gun control is incredibly unpopular, that guns can save lives, and now that guns can be incredibly gross when put in the wrong, erm, context. But did you know that guns can also be uber-sexy when handled by someone who knows how? They can. Really. Especially if the dude holding the gun is a hot shirtless guy:

Plenty of lean muscle there. I bet he can drink loads of beer.

If you’re sitting at your computer wondering, “What the hell is Rule 5 Sunday?”, check out this post from The Other McCain.